Onondaga County Legislator Bill Kinne (pictured) plans to run against Ryan McMahon for county executive. Credit: Courtesy of Bill Kinne

Democrats in Onondaga County designated candidates Wednesday for the 2023 election cycle.

At the top of the ticket, Bill Kinne, a county legislator, will challenge Ryan McMahon in the race for county executive.

Max Ruckdeschel, who is serving in his first year as the party’s chair, said expects Democrats to designate additional candidates, on top of the nine legislature candidates so far picked.

The party hopes to add candidates in the Onondaga County Legislature’s 2nd and 4th districts specifically, Ruckdeschel said.

Democrats are running just two incumbents in county legislature races: Legislature Minority Leader Chris Ryan and 16th District Legislator Charles Garland.

Ruckdeschel said he had not yet been notified by any candidates planning primary challenges to designated candidates.

See all the candidates the party designated:


  • County Executive: Bill Kinne
  • County Comptroller: Marty Masterpole

County Legislature

  • District 1: No candidate
  • District 2: No candidate
  • District 3: No candidate
  • District 4: No candidate
  • District 5: Duane Maine
  • District 6: Blake Carter
  • District 7: Dan Romeo
  • District 8: Chris Ryan
  • District 9: Palmer Harvey
  • District 10: Carrie Ingersoll-Wood
  • District 11: No candidate
  • District 12: No candidate
  • District 13: No candidate
  • District 14: No candidate
  • District 15: Tim Rudd
  • District 16: Charles Garland
  • District 17: Nodesia Hernandez


  • City Court Judge: Mary Anne Doherty
  • City Auditor: Nader Maroun

Syracuse Common Council

  • At-Large: Chol Majok
  • At-Large: Rita Paniagua
  • District 1: Sean Reed
  • District 2: Pat Hogan
  • District 3: Corey Williams
  • District 4: Bruce Conner
  • District 5: Jimmy Monto

Syracuse Board of Education

  • Tamica Barnett
  • Mary Habib
  • Gwendolyn Raeford
  • Ranette Releford

Town of Lysander

  • Supervisor: Kevin Rode
  • Councilor: William Stowell
  • Justice: Kenneth Christopher

Town of Manlius

  • Supervisor: John Deer
  • Councilor: Alissa Italiano
  • Councilor: Michael Nesci
  • Councilor: Heather Waters
  • Justice: John Boyd II

Town of Salina

  • 2nd ward councilor: Leesa Paul

Town of Spafford

  • Councilor: Kimberly Brayman
  • Councilor: James O’Connell
  • Highway Superintendent: Jody Fisher

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