New York Senate Democratic candidate John Mannion enjoys spaghetti and meatballs at the Our Lady of Pompei annual Election Day luncheon at 923 N. McBride St., November 8, 2022. Photo by Mike Greenlar | Central Current.

New York State Sen. John Mannion won re-election by 10 votes after a hand recount.

Mannion’s win in the state’s 50th State Senate District came after a decision by Judge Scott DelConte on disputed ballots in the race.

Mannion, a Democratic incumbent, beat Rebecca Shiroff, the Republican challenger.

His win helped Democrats in the New York State Legislature retain their supermajority. Two-thirds or more of state legislators are Democrats.

“With no more votes left to count this race is over and I’m honored to have been re-elected to represent in the New York State Senate, the place that my family and I have lived in and loved our entire lives,” Mannion said in a statement by his campaign.

After Onondaga and Oswego counties counted mail-in ballots, Mannion led Shiroff by less than .5% of all votes cast, triggering an automatic hand recount.

Once the votes were recounted, campaigns were allowed to object to some ballots. DelConte ultimately ruled on which of those ballots should be counted.

In a video on her campaign page, Shiroff conceded and congratulated Mannion.

The 50th State Senate District covers portions of Onondaga and Oswego counties.

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