A photograph of guests attending a previous champagne tour at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, New York. Courtesy of Agaru Masters,Landmark Theatre Director of Marketing.

The Landmark Theatre will host guests for its Spring Champagne Tour on April 13 at 5:30 p.m.

All attendees will receive a complimentary glass of champagne, learn about the theatre and take a group photograph on the renowned stage.

Mike Intaglietta, Landmark Theatre’s executive director, said the venue held its first champagne tour in December 2022. The venue has continued to offer tours throughout the year to connect with supporters.

“We had used tours like these to connect with supporters last summer. When we were looking for a fundraiser to support the Improving Arts Access Fund, it was a natural fit and the response has been very positive,” Intaglietta said in an email statement. 

The Landmark Theatre’s Improving Arts Access Fund has raised over $5,000, which has permitted residents to visit the venue, Intaglietta said. 

Guests can purchase tickets online at Ticketmaster.

All ticket proceeds will go toward funding art accessibility for local artists. It will contribute by granting high school students in the Syracuse City School District an opportunity to see the production of Dear Evan Hansen. The Landmark Theatre staff has not yet determined the quantity of tickets they will distribute to the school district.

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