Syracuse Police headquarters on South State Street in downtown Syracuse. Credit: Julie McMahon

Syracuse lawmakers Monday unanimously approved a new contract for police officers that changes the department’s schedule and increases officers’ pay.

The contract is for five years. Cost of living raises will cost an additional $30 million over that time period.

The new schedule will move officers from a six-day to a 15-day rotation. Officers now work four eight-hour days followed by two off days. Under the new schedule, officers would work four ten-hour days followed by four off days then four ten-hour days followed by three off days. 

Officers will receive 1.75% raises every six months, which equates to about 3.35% every year. The base pay for a first-year officer will increase about $10,000 over the life of the contract. The base pay for an officer with five or more years of experience will increase $15,000 over the life of the contract.

Deputy Chief Richard Trudell said Monday he hoped the changes would help the department retain officers. The schedule was requested by the union, Trudell said, and was modeled after the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office’s.

Budget Director Timothy Rudd said the new schedule will benefit the city when it comes to having more officers more officers on the street.

When the department is fully staffed, it will have 18 to 20 more officers between 8 p.m. and midnight. It would add 15 to 21 more officers between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

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