The candidates for November’s general election are set; Early voting starts Oct. 29 and Election Day is Nov. 8.

The general election will include statewide races for governor, comptroller and attorney general as well as a key Congressional race.

Republicans have their eye on flipping the U.S. House of Representatives in November. The 22nd Congressional district is a toss-up district with no incumbent and could prove valuable for either party to establish a majority.

A few key retirements are likely to shake up the county-level races: Onondaga County Sheriff Eugene Conway and Onondaga County Court judges Stephen Dougherty and Thomas Miller retired this year.

Each candidate who will be on the ballot in November is listed with their party endorsements and affiliations below. Incumbents are noted with an asterisk and are listed first. Otherwise, candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Congressional races

U.S. Senate

  • Chuck Schumer* (Democrat, Working Families)
  • Joseph Pinion (Republican, Conservative)
  • Diane Sare (LaRouche Party)

22nd Congressional District

  • Francis Conole, (DEM)
  • Brandon Williams, (REP, CON)

State races

Governor/Lt. Governor

  • Kathy Hochul/Antonio Delgado* (DEM, WFP)
  • Lee Zeldin/Alison Esposito (REP, CON)


  • Tom DiNapoli* (DEM, WFP)
  • Paul Rodriguez (REP, CON)

Attorney General

  • Letitia James* (DEM, WFP)
  • Michael Henry (REP, CON)

New York State Supreme Court, 5th District

  • David Murad* (DEM)
  • Christina Cagnina (DEM)
  • John Dillon (DEM)
  • Julie Grow-Denton (REP, CON)
  • Charles Keller (DEM)
  • Kevin Kuehner (REP, CON)
  • Will Ramseier (REP, CON)
  • Mark Rose (REP, CON)

New York State Senate, 48th District

  • Rachel May* (DEM, WFP)
  • Julie Abbott (REP)
  • Justin M. Coretti (CON)

New York State Senate, 50th District

  • John Mannion* (DEM, WFP)
  • Rebecca Shiroff (REP, CON)

New York State Assembly, 126th District

  • John Lemondes Jr.* (REP, CON)
  • Bruce MacBain (DEM)

New York State Assembly, 127th District

  • Al Stirpe* (DEM, WFP)
  • Karen Ayoub (REP, CON)

New York State Assembly, 128th District

  • Pamela Hunter* (DEM, WFP)
  • Dominick Ciciarelli (REP, CON)

New York State Assembly, 129th District

  • William Magnarelli* (DEM)

Countywide races

Onondaga County Sheriff

  • Esteban Gonzalez (REP, CON)
  • Toby Shelley (DEM)

Onondaga County Court

  • Ted Limpert (DEM, WFP)
  • Melinda McGunnigle (REP, CON)
  • Annaleigh Porter (DEM, WFP)
  • Jeff Schiano (REP, CON)

Onondaga County Family Court

  • Julie Cecile* (DEM, WFP)
  • Jim Corl Jr. (REP, CON)

Local races

Syracuse Common Council, 5th District

  • Jimmy Monto* (DEM)
  • Woodruf Carroll (REP, CON)

Cicero Town Justice

  • Douglas M. DeMarche Jr.* (REP, CON)

Dewitt Town Councilor

  • Jack Dooling (DEM)
  • Dennis J. Nave Jr. (REP)

Elbridge Town Justice

  • George L. Betts* (REP, CON)

Manlius Town Councilor

  • David M. Barnwell (REP, CON)
  • Alissa Italiano (DEM, WFP)

Onondaga Town Councilor

  • Ryan Suser (DEM, WFP)
  • John W. Wheatley Jr. (REP, CON)

Pompey Town Justice

  • Trent R. Amond* (REP)
  • Benjamin C. Rabin (DEM)

Pompey Town Councilor

  • David F. Angello (Pompey First)
  • Diana Carpenter (DEM)

Pompey Highway Superintendent

  • Bruce Way (DEM, REP)

Van Buren Town Councilor

  • Jennifer R. Sullivan (REP, CON)

Camillus Village Trustee

  • Cheryl Hutchins*

Elbridge Village Trustee

  • Stephanie A. Harris* (Citizen)

Tully Village Trustee

  • Kathryn A. Vernay* (DEM)
  • Daniel Ray (DEM)

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