Over the past decade, a global movement has emerged with independent online news organizations providing local news that is more accessible, equitable, transparent and responsive to the communities they serve.

These organizations are filling gaps in local news coverage that are created when traditional newspapers and broadcast news outlets downsize, shut down, or choose to focus more on sensationalism and entertainment. They are pursing stories that aren’t being told elsewhere. And, they are working to serve the needs of minority, rural and other populations who are often underrepresented in the news media.

Many of these organizations are nonprofit. Their missions focus on providing quality journalism and engaging their audiences in thoughtful discussions of issues that impact their communities. As a result, this movement is reemphasizing the responsibility that the news media has in strengthening democracy and civil society.

To learn more about this local news movement, follow the resources on this page. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting additional information about the local news movement, and what it means to Syracuse and Central New York. We will also be hosting community forums, either online or in person (when conditions with the COVID pandemic allow). Stay tuned.