Characters Sarah and Adriana photographed in the production of Espejos:Clean at Syracuse Stage.

Syracuse Stage is presenting a fully bilingual production, “Espejos: Clean.”

The play draws attention to the themes of healing, learning and connecting to people we do not know. At a Sunday showing, panelists highlighted the play’s significance for not only Hispanic and Latin-identified people, but the need for all people to see representation on stage.

Before the exposition of the play, the audience engaged in a panel discussion moderated by Melissa Crespo, Syracuse Stage Associate Artistic Director and Espejos: Clean Director.

Panelists included playwright Christine Quintana, Syracuse Common Councilor Rita Paniagua, and Catalina Nino Cordero, community engagement coordinator at La Casita Cultural Center.

Espejos:Clean production at Syracuse Stage in Syracuse, New York. Production panelists, from left to right: Rita Paniagua, Christine Quintana, Catalina Nino Cordero, and moderator, Melissa Crespo.

Quintana’s inspiration for the production derived from her experience of being of Hispanic descent and of her father working in hospitality. Quintana wanted the play to reflect the authentic realities of most Spanish-speaking and Hispanic communities. For her, the significance of producing the play in both languages means that all visitors have equal access and language is accessible in all spaces for audiences.

The bilingual production is performed in Spanish with English subtitles on-screen and English with Spanish subtitles.

The production chronicles two women leading parallel lives on a Cancun resort.

Adriana, played by Emma Ramos, is the manager of the resort — and Sarah, portrayed by Kate Abbruzzese, is a visitor. Beyond their differing cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, they discover what connects them both exceeds just their location.

In the play, the layers of complex characters Sarah and Adriana are unravelled, exploring the topics of familial disapproval, disparities in class, finding opportunity, reconnecting with self, and confronting loneliness.

Characters of Espejos:Clean performance at Syracuse Stage. Kate Abbruzzese (left) and Emma Ramos( right), Photo courtesy of Joanna Penalva,| Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at Syracuse Stage.

“Espejos: Clean” premiered on Feb. 15 and will run until March 5. Patrons can view the performance dates and times, and purchase tickets on the Syracuse Stage website or at the box office.

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