Model Kah'moni Richardson walking for The Altered Eco in SFW '23 'Local Love' fashion show. Photo credit: Asante Holder | @capturebyasante

Working behind the scenes to perfectly execute a fashion show is no easy task. It takes talents, including the right walk and creative vision. For Kah’moni Richardson, a Syracuse native, Syracuse Fashion Week is among the many fashion events the aspiring professional runway model partakes in.

Beyond slaying the catwalk all three nights of Syracuse Fashion Week, Richardson got to  network and connect with local creatives in the industry to help her elevate her journey as a model. 

“Runway is my passion, so I’m always chasing the casting call,” Richardson said. Since 2018, Richardson has continued her onward strut of perfecting her craft, doing shows throughout the region and out of state.

Richardson speaks about her highlights from Syracuse Fashion Week and what to expect in the future as she continues her career.

Stewart: What was the process like for you leading up to the fashion show?

Richardson: Leading up to it, I did the casting call, I want to say about a month and some change ago, and then that was kind of it. I started getting contacted here and there by designers, and some of them would want sizes and fittings, and talk about what shoes you’re wearing. Then, it was like, you show up and the show goes from there. 

Stewart: Do you model for other designers or at other places?

Richardson: Fashion Week actually connected me with a lot of designers because that’s where I was lacking.

On my own, I have been doing photo shoots trying to build my portfolio. I honestly traveled to anywhere – I was going to say the city (New York City) – a lot; that’s kind of like the closest with the most opportunity. 

Stewart: What were some of your highlights from the fashion show?

Richardson: The underground show was really, really fun – all of the different looks and seeing everyone come out of their comfort zone,  even spectators. Most of my family came on Friday, and my stepdad, he was kind of worried about what he was gonna see, just somethings that average grown men wouldn’t see, as far as  clothing, and he was intrigued. 

Stewart: How important is it to showcase local designers?

Richardson: It’s super important to me. Just shy of everything, networking is everything to me, but right under that would be supporting local designers, photographers – just, talent – because Syracuse is such a small town, and we’re not a go-to spot for fashion or anything like that.

… I know it is a huge networking opportunity for me. It helps me meet other people who do the same line of work and are looking to go kind of in the same direction I’m going in. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to show off local designers’ stuff, and then to be able to see their reaction, connect with them going forward. A few of the designers that I walked with or even didn’t walk with, they connected with me and were like, “I want to do a photoshoot with you in the spring or the fall,” and that’s amazing. 

Stewart: Which was your favorite designer that you walked for?

Richardson: All of them were my favorite because everyone was so kind and the connections I made have been continuing. I believe I will be doing another show maybe summertime,  and a designer that I walked for, I believe she’s going to be doing it too, which makes it feel more comforting. And the connections I made are just clearly endless, but I must say there was one designer I walked for all three days, The Altered Eco. She is absolutely amazing. We connected beyond work. 

… That relationship, it just took it a little past the designer/model, but still professional. 

Stewart: Can we expect to see you in the fall ‘23 SFW?

Richardson: You can definitely expect to see me in the fall and next year. The vibes were so great that I would love to partake, and I’m big on energy, so I’d love to give out some more energy. 

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