Laura Lavine

Laura Lavine is a lifelong Syracusan who is honored to be invited to serve on the board of Central Current.  A socially liberal, fiscally conservative Republican, she does not fit into many mainstream categories so she welcomes the opportunity to join Central Current’s diverse board and support its work to bring integrity and high standards to Central New York journalism.

Laura’s career in public education began with her work as a Speech-Language Pathologist before she moved into school administration.  She served as an Elementary Principal, Supervisor, Director of Special Education, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, all in public schools, then Head of School for a private school, with three retirements and an unsuccessful run for the mayoralty of Syracuse along the way.  She also serves as an expert education consultant for area attorneys.  Frustrated by what she sees as a continuing deterioration of the quality of some aspects of life in our community, and bias in the existing news organizations, she feels more strongly than ever about the values of transparency and truthfulness in government, and is optimistic about Central Current’s ability to hold accountable people who are in positions of power.  

Having served on a variety of local, state and national boards and committees over the years while being politically active, Laura hopes that, as a member of this Board, she can help to advance the mission of Central Current while learning more about high quality journalism and its role in improving society. 

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