City of Syracuse January 30, 2022.

Central Current today launched our first-ever formal fundraising campaign, joining more than 300 nonprofit newsrooms participating in the nationwide NewsMatch fundraiser.

NewsMatch is a national campaign to garner support for independent, high-quality digital journalism. We need the support of individuals in our local community to help make Central Current sustainable and ensure we can serve the community for years to come.

If you’ve considered donating to Central Current before, now is the time!

Starting now — through Dec. 31 — NewsMatch will match your new monthly donation 12 times or double your one-time gift, all up to $1,000. That means that, through NewsMatch, we can earn up to $15,000 in matches by the end of the year.

If you’re still getting to know us, here’s a reminder: We’re the only nonprofit, independent digital news organization serving the people who live and work in Syracuse and Central New York and care about its future.

We promise to tirelessly seek and report the whole truth, filling in gaps in local news that other media outlets have overlooked or willfully ignored. We hope you see our commitment through the quality of our reporting and our dedication to telling stories that matter to you as you get to know us, but we know we have to earn your trust.

We pledge to:

  • Never charge a fee for our reporting because we believe everyone should have equal access to news and information. We operate on a donation model.
  • Present you with solutions alongside problems. We believe quality journalism should unite us, not further polarize communities.
  • Report on our whole community and be a place where anyone can find a story that touches or impacts them.

We’re ready for a fresh chapter to begin in Syracuse. Let’s get to work, together.

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Julie McMahon is editor-in-chief of Central Current. She's lived and worked in Syracuse as a reporter, editor and professor of journalism for more than a decade. Contact Julie at